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         जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालयातील अधिकारी यांची नांवे व फोन नंबर       


                 For More Details Contact- Resident Deputy Collector , Office of the Collector,

                    Amravati Ph. 0721-2662493





HOME SECTION (फौजदारी शाखा)
  1) Special Executive Officer (विशेष कार्यकारी अधिकारी )

2) Self Protection Arm License (आत्मसंरक्षणार्थ शास्त्र परवाना)

3) Explosive handling and using license (विस्फोटक वाहतुक व वापर परवाने )

4) Retail crackers seller license (किरकोळ विक्री करिता फटका )

5) Freedom Fighter Welfare Section ( स्वातंत्र सैनिकाची यादी)

6) Freedom Fighter - Nomination list (स्वातंत्र सैनिकांनी नामनिर्देशित केलेल्या पाल्याची यादी )

For Further Information Contact

                   RDC, Office of the Collector , Amravati.








Entertainment Section
  This section is concerned with the collection of Entertainment tax. Basically Entertainment tax is divided into 4 categories,
                        * Tax on Talkies
                        * Tax on Cable Operators
                        * Tax on Video Parlors
                        * Tax on other Entertainment sources

      Talkies can be permanent and non-permanent i.e. touring talkies. So, licenses are issued accordingly.
      All the licenses are issued for a calendar year, and must be renewed by the 31st of December of respective year.
      Other sources of entertainment include Pools, Circuses. Circuses are exempted from Entertainment tax. Pools have to pay RS. 2000/- per month.

For new license for the Talkies the following documents are required,
1) Registration Fees
2) Certificate for Electric Fitting
3) Film Division certificate
4) Certificate issued by Medical Officer
5) Certificate from P.W.D. about present condition of construction.
6) Lighting Conductor certificate.
7) Fire Extinguishing set certificate.
8) Certificate for availability of telephone.

For Renewal of licenses the following documents are required
1) All above documents (i.e. those required for new licenses) and fees for renewal.
2) Certificate from Energy and Workers Section.
3) Entertainment Inspectors certificate indicating "no pending tax on talkies".

    The entertainment tax is collected based on population of that town/city. The percentage is given below.

Population                     Percent of Collection
1.5 Lakh and above                     60%
1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh                      .54%
Up to 1 Lakh                               ...48%
Below 1 Lakh                             ...42%
For Further Information Contact

                    District Entertainment Officer, Office of the Collector , Amravati.

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Establishment Section

जिल्हातील महसुल अधिकारी/कर्मचारी यांची जेष्ठता यादी

१. अव्वल कारकुन .......

२. मंडळ अधिकारी

३. तलाठी

४. लिपीक

५. वाहन चालक

६. शिपाई

सामान्य बदल्या - २०११, बदलीपात्र कर्मचार्‍यांची यादी

This Section deals with the transfers of class-III and class -IV employees. It also deals with the appointments and promotions of  class -III and class -IV employees.
The contact person in the department is Resident Deputy Collector.
All the complaints regarding appointments, transfers and promotions should be submitted to Superintendent (Establishment) by the name of the Collector, Amravati.
This section also deals with Departmental Enquiry. This section also deals with the routine service matters such as grant of leave, grant of yearly increments, fixation of pay etc.

The Section head, designated Resident Deputy Collector (R.D.C.), is Officer-in-charge.


















Election Section

      To conduct elections for the Parliament and the legislative Assembly/council peacefully is the main duty assigned to this department.
      In addition this section also looks after the preparation of Voter's List, preparation of Voter's Photo-identity card.
     Amravati district has 1 (one) Parliamentary constituency  and 9 (Nine) Legislative Assembly constituencies.

For more information regarding elections, please visit 


For further details contact

                     District Election Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph. 2662364












Employment Guarantee Scheme Section (E.G.S.)
           The aim of  this scheme is  to ensure the guarantee of the employment to the unemployed in ruler area. Employment Guarantee Scheme (E.G.S.) is the scheme from Government of Maharashtra, which was successfully implemented for first time in India by any state. It was initially implemented in 1965 at pilot basis and then in 1972, the scheme was extended all over Maharashtra.
             The government works mainly involving manual labour are under E.G.S. The areas covered under this scheme are villages and Municipal Corporations (Grade C). Under this scheme, only those works approved by the government, which spend 60% of total cost of the work on unskilled work and 40% is spent on skilled work. The least cost of the work is Rs.20,000 with some exceptional cases. It also includes various agencies which deal with the section .  All the work done under this scheme is divided into the following categories
    1.   Irrigation
    2.   Public Works
    3.  Agriculture
    5.  Others
Irrigation and Public Works also divide into

        a) State Sectors and
        b) Local Sectors,
Agriculture divided into

        a) Soil Conservation and
        b) Land Development.
A forestation divided into
        a) Social Forest and
        b) Social Forestry.
At present the priority is given to the soil and water conservation works.
For further details contact

                     Deputy Collector (E.G.S.), Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph.2662505

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Food and Civil Supply Section
         This section deals with the supply of wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene and palm oil (Edible Oil) to public through Public Distribution System (P.D.S.) at the rates fixed by the government. The P.D.S. is meant to control the prices of these essential commodities in open market and to have people smooth supply of these essentials.
        Allotment and lifting of food grains, edible oil, sugar and kerosene given to the district are supervised by this section.
        There are three type of ration card depending on annual income:
1) Yellow ration card for B.P.L. people
    Income per Year             Area
    Rs. 15,000/-                     Urban
    Rs. 11,000                       Tribal
    Rs.4,000                          Remaining rural

2) Orange colored ration card for A.P.L. people

All the following criteria should be satisfied
i) Income per year should be below 1 Lakh
ii) Must not own a 4 wheeler (except taxi drivers)
iii) Total land owned by family should be below 4 hectors.

3) White coloured ration card for High Income Group people
Any one of the following conditions should be satisfied

i) Annual Income should be above 1 Lakh
ii) Should have a four wheeler
iii) Total land owned by family member should be above 4 hectors.
For further details contact

                    District Supply Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph. 2662784

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Land Acquisition Section
    The government takes the private land required for public purposes like road construction, Irrigation Projects.
    Proposals for private land acquisition are sent to Spl. Land Acquisition officer. The proposals are scrutinized and Budget Provision Certificate, Administrative Approval Certificate, Technical Sanction Orders are also scrutinized. The proposal includes certificates for "Small Land Holders", issued by Talathi as well as related information submitted by the concerned agencies.

    After  this the proposal is opted for joint measurement. Commissioner's permission is taken for land acquisition if the land owner does not agree for it. The objections of land owners are invited, and resolved. Under section 9 (1), if any objections are received during the enquiry, they are resolved by the divisional office of the agency. 
   Town Planning and Valuation Department evaluates the compensation for the land to be acquired. The department gives compensation after declaration of the award.
    In case of disputes after the payment of compensation between cultivators and tittle is not correct then such type compensation is deposited under section 30 of the Land Acquisition Act 1894 in the name of the District Civil Judge and matter is disposed by the District Judge.
For further details contact

                     Land Acquisition Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph. 2664819












Local Funds Section
    This department governs all the matters regarding Municipal Council and Gram-panchayat Elections.
    Grants from government are distributed to various Nagar-palikas. Public contact is restricted at Gram-panchayat level. However person in Nagar-palika area can come if his/her complaint is not properly handle in Nagar-palika regarding matter.
    People from Gram-panchayat can contact regarding disputes on elections.
    Instructions given by this department are binding to Nagar-palikas and Gram-panchayats.













Mining Section
            Minerals play vital role in the development of any country as they are backbone of the industries. Rocks and minerals also form important source materials for construction purposes. Hence it is essential that these mineral treasure of the state are identified and assessed so that their precise industrial utility is decided.
Minerals found in Amravati district are basically categorized in Major Minerals and Minor Minerals.
            The only Major mineral found in district is Fireclay. It is found in Achalpur Tahasil. Any construction material is categorized into minor mineral e.g. Murrum, Stone, Sand.

                There are two systems
                 a)  Prospecting license.
b)  Mining lease.
* Prospecting license :
i)     Prospecting licenses are granted for the major minerals in the area which has not been prospected before by any Government agency . Prospecting license is granted to an agency for two years within which they have to explore the area and prepare report on quality and quantity of mineral reserves. After submitting this report they have to apply for mining lease.
ii) In cases wherein some areas have already been explored or prospected by Govt. agency, the applicant   agency directly can apply for mining lease but it has to pay 25% of prospecting expenditures to government and by paying this amount, it is entitled to have prospecting report of that area.
* Mining lease :

Maximum period is 30 years. After receipt of all the NOC’s the lease application is forwarded to the government through  the Director, Geology and Mining Department. Trade, Commerce and Mining Ministry of Government of Maharashtra has power to grant the lease. After grant of lease, it is executed and working permission is granted by the Collector.
Application for lease should accomplished with application form along with
i)              NOC (No Objection Certificate) from grampanchayat.
ii)            7/12 record.
iii)           Talathi report and map of area showing applied survey no.
iv)           Record of rights related with that applied area.
v)            Solvency Certificate for minimum Rs. 50,000/-
vi)           Chalan copy of Rs. 100 application fee deposited in SBI (State Bank of India). After receipt of this application office issue letters to following departments for NOC.
        i)              Town planning.
ii)            B & C / PWD (Public Works Department).
iii)           Pollution Board.
iv)           Report from Tahsildar through SDO on 15 points.
v)            NOC from forest department.

     After receipt of NOC’s from all above departments lease is granted by the collector for a period of five years with one renewal under the rule 5(1) & (2) of minor mineral extraction rules (Vidarbha Region) 1966. After grant of lease under rule 5 of MMMW(V.R.) rule 1966, the lease deed is executed and working permission is granted. After this working permission, lease is allowed. This lease is granted for private and government works.
For further information contact

                    District Mining Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati.Ph. 2662025

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Nazul Section
   This section comprises of following subsections:
                               * Jamabandi
                               * Revenue
                               * Nazul
        The Jamabandi subsection deals with auditing of the villages and talukas on the 31 st of July, i.e. at the end of Revenue Year. It also looks after the collection of the Government Taxes. Rainfall information of the district is also maintained by this subsection. This subsection also keeps track of barren villages. It maintains records of record of land ("Sat-Bara"). The work of this subsection goes as per the Proforma-A, and Proforma-B.

      The Revenue subsection deals with allotment of lands for Government Offices, Private Cultivation, Constructions, Voluntary Organizations, etc. In rural areas, permission from the Grampanchayat is required for land allotment. For cultivation E-class land is allotted with priorities to Ex-servicemen, and landless persons.
      The applications should be in the name of the Collector, or the S.D.O. or Tahasildar. Documents required are:
1) Application
2) N.O.C. from Grampanchayat/ Nagarpalika
3) Map of the site
4) Plan estimate
5) Publicity report
6) N.O.C. from Executive Engineer, M.S.E.B.
7) N.O.C. from Executive Engineer, P.W.D.
8) For Schools, Education Departments approval
9) For Voluntary Organizations (Registered), N.O.C. from the concerned department
10) For Govt. Offices, Applications from regional head are required.
    The land can be allotted without cost for applicants with no income source.

    Nazul Land means a government waste Land within municipal area. The Nazul subsection deals with the lands which are not reserved for any specific purposes are given on temporary or permanent lease either for residential or commercial purpose. Disposal of these lands and maintenance of records is dealt with in this section.
For further details contact

                    District Revenue Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati Ph. 2662025

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Planning Section
    This department formulates District Annual plan. This department works as per the plans sanctioned by District Planning Committee (D.P.C.).
    The Guardian Minister of district is the chairman and the Collector is member secretary of this committee. All the matters are put in front the D.P.C. and are to be sanctioned by the committee.
    The District Annual Plan comprises these plans. These are
        - General
        - Special Component plan
        - Tribal Sub plan
    It also monitors the allotment and expenditure of government grants to various departments.
    Besides, in Planning following works are also monitored
    1) For MLA / MLC - where each member can propose works of Rs. 65 (Sixty five) Lakhs per year
    2) For M.P. works -where each member can propose works of Rs. 2 (Two) Crores per year.
    Collector, Amravati is empowered to give administrative approvals to all works proposed by MLA / MLC and M.P.
For further details contact

                    District Planning Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph.2662733











Resettlement Section
    Government undertakes irrigation projects with a view to increase irrigation projects with view to increase irrigation facility to farmers and to controls floods. The people residing within the area of dam are shifted to some other places. They are known as Projected Affected People ( P.A.P.). The  P.A.P.'s are given compensation for the land acquired for the project. They are given compensating land for personal cultivation.
    They are given 5% services on top priority basis. For this, Resettlement Section issues P.A.P. certificate.
When applying for certificate for P.A.P, following documents are required:-
1) Records of land (Right of Records)
2) Land Acquisition offices certificate
3) Implementing agency certificate.

Major Projects undertaken are:-
Name of the Projects             Implementing Agency
Upper Wardha Project             Executive Engineer,Upper Wardha Project
Lower Wardha Project             Executive Engineer, Lower Wardha Project
Chandrabhaga Project              Executive Engineer, Shahanur
Sapan Project                          Executive Engineer, Irrigation Department

Bembala Project                      Executive Engineer, Bembala Project

For further details contact

                 District Resettlement Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph. 2662352

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Small Savings Section
    This section is concerned with implementation of saving schemes run by central and state governments. Small saving schemes like Kisan Vikas Patra, National Saving Certificate (N.S.C.), MIS-92, T.D. etc. are implemented by issuing licenses to agents.
    There are several type of licensee-agencies: -
        i) Deposit scheme for Recurring Deposit (R.D.), S.B.
        ii) Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana.
        iii) Public Provident Fund (P.P.F.).
   For Small Saving Agency, Assistance Director, Small Savings grants agency on producing the following documents
        1) Application form
        2) Three passport size photographs
        3) Two character certificates
                        - one by the principal of school
                        - one by a gazetted officer
        4) Ration card
        5) Two guarantors
        6) Agreement, Nomination
        7) Affidavit
        8) Education certificate
        9) Tax Receipt
        10) Pay slip (if govt. employee)
        11) N.S.C. of Rs. 2000/- pledged by Assistant Director, Small Savings.
    For Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana, only women candidates can apply. It is for RD only.
    Minimum educational qualification are 10th Std. Pass.

    Documents required are :-
        1) Application form
        2) N.S.C. of Rs. 500/- pledged by Collector
        3) Two character certificates
        4) Three passport size photographs
        5) Two guarantees
        6) Ration card
        7) Affidavit on Rs 20/- stamp paper.
        8) Tax Receipt
    For Public Provident Fund (P.P.F.) Agency:

    Applicant should be a Graduate.
    Contact :
    Regional Director of National savings.
    Opp. V.C.A. ground
    I.B.M. Building, Civil Lines
    Nagpur 440001.

    Ph - (0712) 2525482
    Documents Required are
         i) Application certificate
        ii) Two character certificate
       iii) S.A.S. Authority Xerox.
For further details contact

                 Assistant Director (S.S.), Office of the Collector, Amravati.Ph. 2662352

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Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana
          There are various financial assistance schemes that are  sponsored by Central as well as State Governments. The schemes sponsored by the Central Government are.
   * National Old age Pension Scheme
                    This scheme benefits beneficiaries of Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Anudan Yojana, who are at least 65 years of age.Under this scheme beneficiaries get total amount of Rs. 250.Physically handicapped persons also get the same kind of financial assistance.

1.Age:  65 years min
2.Should be Helpless
3.No source of income
4.Should not be owner of Real Estate
Certificates required:
1.Age Certificates
2.Income certificate issued by Talathi
3.Certificate of Tahasildar or Talathi of being Helpless.

     * National Family Benefit Scheme
        Under this scheme if the Head of  the family expires accidentally or naturally the family gets financial assistance of up to Rs 10,000.

Certificates Required:
1.Age Certificate of the deceased.
2.Death Certificate .
3.Certificate issued by Talathi / Gramsevak / Tahasildar
certifying deceased was Head of the family.
4.Income certificate issued by Talathi / Gramsevak / Tahasildar

     * National Maternity Benefit Scheme

        This scheme benefits pregnant women above 19 years.The financial assistance is limited to Rs. 500/-  for her first two children.

1. Pregnant woman should be above 19 years.
2. Woman should be from B.P.L. family
3. Financial assistance is limited to first two live children.

Certificates requied:
1. Certificate of age.
2. Income Certificate issued by Talathi / Gramsevak
3. Certificate issued by Talathi/Gramsevak/Auxiliary nurse/Midwife or "Anganwadi" worker  certifying this to be her first or second delivery.

The schemes Sponsored by the State Government are
     * Indira Gandhi Vruddha Bhumiheen Shetmajoor Anudan Yojana
       This scheme is limited to rural areas. Under this scheme, the landless farm-labours are given Rs.250 per month for two months. Beneficiaries of the National old-age Pension scheme are eligible to apply for this scheme.
       The amount is distributed four times a year that is of three months at a time on 15th May,15th August, 15th November, and 15th February.
1. Age- For male applicants 65 years and for Female applicants 60 years.
2. Beneficiary should be resident of Rural area.
3. Should be landless.
4. Should be Helpless.
5. If beneficiary has son, he should NOT be able to look after the beneficiary.

Certificates Required:
1. Certificate of Age.
2. Certificate of Talathi showing the beneficiary is landless.
3. 3 Passport size photographs.

     * Sanjay Gandhi Swavlamban Yojana

        This scheme benefits the unemployed. Long term loans of Rs.2500 are sanctioned which are to be returned in 8 installments within two years.

1. Resident of Maharashtra for 15 years.
2. Unemployed should have completed 18 years of age.

Certificates required:
1. Certificate showing 15 years residence in Maharashtra.
2. Caste Certificate (if belongs to Backward Class).
3. Age Certificate.
4. 2 Passport size photographs.
5. Recommendation by local M.P./M.L.A., Z.P. officials, members, Nagar Palika officials or members confirming applicants residence

  * Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana
            It is beneficial to people, which are helpless, old, mentally retarded, physically handicapped or unable to    earn. This scheme also benefits widows having children.
    To avail the benefits of this scheme, the person
  i) should be resident of Maharashtra
  ii) should have no income source
  iii) should NOT be a Land owner
  iv) should not be beggar.

To get the benefit of this scheme, the application forms are available in Governments offices. The application should be accomplished by
i) Certificate of age issued by medical officer.
ii) School certificate issued by Talathi.
iii) Income certificate issued by Talathi.

For further details contact

                   Talathi or Tahasildar Office.

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District Disaster Management Section
                    As a part of overall preparedness of the state, the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) has a State Disaster Management Plan to support and strengthen the efforts of district administration. In this context, every district has evolved its own District Disaster Management Plan (D.D.M.P.). It is expected that these multi-hazard response plans would increase the effectiveness of administrative intervention.
                   The D.D.M.P. addresses the districts' response to the disasters and road accidents and fires. Some of these disasters such as floods and earthquakes affect large areas causing extensive damage to life, property and environment while  others such as epidemics affect large population. In any case, the management of these disasters is requires extensive resources and man power for containment by remedial  actions.
The objectives of District Action Plan are
             *  To improve preparedness at the district level. through risk and vulnerability analysis to disasters and to minimize the impact of disasters in terms of human, physical and material loss.
             * To ascertain the status of existing resources and facilities available with the various agencies involved in the district and make it an exercise in capability building of district administration.
             * To utilize different aspects of disaster for development planning as a tool for location and area specific planning for development of district.  
                   As a part of this plan the Control Rooms are  established at the Collectorate and at each Tahsil office in the district and is kept functioning for 24 hours a day during the rainy season only. The phone numbers are informed to all departments.

                   The SP office and public hospitals are directed to be prepared in case of emergency situations and liaison is kept with police control room also.
                    The District Control room has facilities of wireless communication, hot- line, fax,e-mail and video conferencing.