The Motor Vehicles Department with headquarters at Bombay  is concerned with the administration of the Indian Motor Vehicles  Act, 1939, as amended by Act 100 of 1956 and the Bombay Motor  Vehicles Rules, 1959. the Bombay Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1958; the Bombay Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules, 1959; the Bombay Motor Vehicles (Taxation of Passengers) Act, 1959 and the rules made thereunder. The department is headed by the Director of Transport, Maharashtra State. For the purposes of administration of the above Acts in the State, Regional Transport Offices have been set up in Bombay, Poona, Thana, Nagpur, Aurangabad with Sub-Regional Offices at Amravati. Kolhapur and Nasik. For the enforcement of Chapter IV of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1939, a State Transport Authority and a Regional Transport Authority have also been constituted by Government by Notification under Section 44 of the Act.

The jurisdiction of the Regional Transport Officer, Nagpur extends over the districts of Nagpur, Bhandara, Chanda, Wardha Yeotmal, Akola and Buldhana besides Amravati. However, for administrative convenience, the work in Amravati, Yeotmal Akola and Buldhana districts is controlled by the Assistant Regional Transport Officer with headquarters at Amravati.

Regional Transport Authority.

The Regional Transport Authority, Nagpur, comprises the Commissioner, Nagpur Division, Nagpur, the superintending Engineer, Roads and Buildings, Amravati; the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Nagpur Range, two non-officials nominated by notification by Government and the Regional Transport Officer who works as the Secretary to the Regional Transport


The Regional Transport Officer, Nagpur, besides being the Secretary, Regional Transport Authority, is also the licensing authority and the registering authority under the several enactments enumerated above. He is assisted by a Regional Super-visor, four Motor Vehicles Inspectors, two Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspectors, along with the necessary ministerial staff. In addition, there is also an Assistant Regional Transport Officer with his office at Amravati who is the licensing and registering authority for the four districts under his jurisdiction. The Assistant Regional Transport Officer. Amravati, exercises certain powers delegated to him by the Regional Transport Authority, Nagpur. from time to time, so far as the working of Chapter IV of the Act is concerned.

The duties of Motor Vehicles Inspectors are to inspect transport vehicles (goods vehicles, buses and cabs) and issue certificates of fitness; to inspect vehicles for registration; to carry out tests of competence of persons to drive motor vehicles; to carry out tests of persons applying for grant of conductor's licences in stage carriages; to inspect vehicles involved in accidents whenever their services are requisitioned by the Police; to carry out tours for the purposes of enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules and to check and report infringements to the Regional Transport Officer for further action; to collect taxes and issue learner's licences and to effect renewal of driving licences and conductor's licences at tour centres. The Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspectors generally do not act independently but assist the Motor Vehicles Inspectors in the discharge of their duties.

Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act.

Tax on all kinds of motor vehicles is levied under the Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act.1958 and rules made thereunder. Taxes can be paid annually, half-yearly, or quarterly, either by cash, money order, treasury challan or cheque. The owner of a vehicle has to send an advance intimation in the form prescribed in the rules, for the Taxation Authority, when he desires  to keep it in non-use.