Amravati has a remarkable tradition of active public life. The district never lagged behind the main currents in the national life and the national liberation movement. Since the late fifties of the last century, the leaders in the district played a role in all the freedom movements. Annual session of the National Congress of 1897 was held at Amravati. The late Dadasaheb Khaparde who played an important role at the Congress session shaped the public life of the district. His active association with Lokmanya Tilak and his hold on the people of the district was an important event in the public life of the district. Besides Dadasaheb Khaparde. R. B. Mudholkar and Sir Moropant Joshi strived for enlightenment of the masses. The late Veer Vamanrao Joshi and N. R. Bamangaonkar developed and propagated national sentiment through their dramas and other literary works. During the Non-Co-operation Movement and the Quit India Movement the district had its own share of excitement.

Shri Sant Tukdoji Maharaj, the celebrated national saint and singer, has contributed immensely towards the enrichment of the public life of Amravati. Through public programmes he is doing the work of mass education. The Gurudev Seva Mandal which is headed by the saint-singer is doing remarkable work in the field of social education and welfare work.