Public life of the district has been enriched by newspapers which voice popular grievances from time to time. There are eleven journals in the district which purvey district news and national events and educate public opinion. Of these two are dailies, two bi-weeklies, three weeklies, three fortnightlies and one monthly. The Udya, the oldest bi-weekly journal started by the late Khaparde, was established in 1920. The Hindusthan (1949) and the Suprabhat (1960) (both dailies) claim good reputation. The other journals are: the Nav Vidarbha (1956), the Jyoti Prakash (1949), the Watchal (1963), the Lokdarshan (1963), the Shikshan Margdarshan (1950), the Pragatik Sliikshan (1963), the Jeewan (1953), the Sahakari Vidarbha (1959), the Gurudev Mozari (1943), the Awaz and the Amravati Times. All these journals except the last two which arc in Urdu, are in Marathi language. A majority of these newspapers have found a more congenial home at Amravati. Besides these local journals, a number of English and Marathi daily newspapers from Nagpur and Bombay have found popular patronage in Amravati. These include, the Nagpur Times, the Hitawada, the Tarun Bharat, the Maharashtra (all published from Nagpur), the Times of India, the Free Press Journal, the Maharashtra Times and the Loksatta (all published from Bombay).