THE URGE TO ORGANISE VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS serving a social purpose is ingrained in human heart everywhere. There are a number of such voluntary social organisations in Amravati district, serving the social needs of the people in a variety of ways. They not only complement and supplement governmental efforts in various fields but also cover areas of ameliorative service which government may not be in a position to cover. Their role in the educational, social and cultural life of the district is significant. A few of them have done pioneering work in particular spheres of social activity, have won Government recognition, assistance and guidance because of their consistent commendable service and benign influence. The acceptance of ' Welfare State ' as the aim of planning and development, has undoubtedly enlarged Governmental responsibility. However, this does not lessen the onus of the patriotic: social workers.

For the realisation of a ' Welfare State' both must work in unison and harmony- Government, too, have increasingly recognised the importance of such institutions and have encouraged and utilised the agency of these institutions for the greater effectiveness of their own efforts. Their activities range from the eradication of leprosy to the uplift of the backward classes and cover many diverse fields. Most of these organisations work selflessly. They receive grants and donations from Government, municipalities and citizens. A succession of public-spirited and sincere workers, who work in honorary capacities has facilitated the working of such organisations and rendered them dynamic.