Virul, a village in Candur tahsil with 376 houses and 1,603 inhabitants according to the 1961 census is situated to the north of Candur town 6 km. (four miles) from the railway station. It has a primary school, a middle school and a post-office. The weekly bazar is held on Fridays. There are four temples of which the one dedicated to Mahadeva is deeply revered. It is reported that in mediaeval times a peculiarly painful vow was performed to propitiate the deity. The devotee would take a length of coarse string and pass it under the skin on both sides of his bodv. Then two friends would hold the ends of the string and he would walk to and fro along the length of the string in front of these temples, the string sawing his flesh and blood oozing out of it as he performed the feat. This painful practice has, however, been discontinued since long and is not in vogue now.