Vadner Gangal is a village in Daryapur tahsil of no particular importance with 3.967 inhabitants and 863 houses according to the 1961 Census. It has two middle schools teaching up to eighth standard, one Marathi and the other Urdu. A story is current that Aurangzeb in his march through Berar halted at this village at midday, and being thirsty called for milk, which, after much trouble and many threats of the Emperor's displeasure, his followers succeeded in obtaining. Aurangzeb drank it and was much refreshed. On enquiring he was told that the milk was mother's milk, and has been given to the king's messengers by two old women Sitai and Gangai both over a hundred years of age, whom they found near the temple of Maruti. Henceforth the village was given its second name, though why Gangai and not Sitai should have been selected is not clear. The village is also known as Vadner Zagaji Bava, after a kunbi ascetic whose shrine here has an inam of 97.200 hectares (240 acres) and which is looked after by one Narayan Tukaram Bhagat.