Tivasa is a village in Candur tahsil with 891 houses and 4,144 inhabitants according to the 1961 Census. It has a temple of Balaji which was built by one Ramratan Ganesdas, Marvadi, a prosperous money-lender. The temple built at a cost of Rs. 15,000 is to date in a very good condition. The vestibule adorned with a sikhar contains a Hint stone idol of Balaji wearing a facial plaque of brass. Tivasa has the office of the Pancayat Samiti, a high school, a police station, a post office, a maternity home, a primary health centre, and a rest house. Drinking water is obtained from wells. Tivasa has very rich soil, favourable for commercial crops, cotton and groundnut being the chief crops in order of importance.


Besides the Balaji shrine there is the dargdh of Safrid Baba and samadhis of Sotagir Maharaj and Ratangir Maharaj.

Dargha of Safrid Baba.

Safrid Baba was a noted Musalman saint or Avaliyd who lived in this village and died some seventy years ago. His tomb is situated on a hill top, just on the outskirts of the village, which was his abode and where he breathed, his last. The saint sustained himself by asking alms from door to door. Muslims as well as Hindus, believe that those spending the night on the hill behold him in dreams and that he fulfils their cherished desires. It is also said that his spirit is seen moving through the village at a certain hour of the night. Some of the peop'e from the village who had gone to Kasi to perform a pilgrimage are reported to have seen him in the crowd.

Sotagir Maharaj Samadhi.

Sotagir Maharaj was a Hindu saint who lived in this village some ninety years ago and was much revered by the Hindus. His samadhi is to be seen on the banks of the river Dnyanaganga. He is said to be seen riding on a horse very often at night time, especially so on Paunima and Amavasya nights and is believed to protect those who get lost in the jungles. The samddhi has about 10.117 hectares (25 acres) of land allotted for its maintenance.

Samadhi of Ratangir Maharaj.

Ratangir Maharaj, also a Hindu saint, was a contemporary of Sotagir Maharaj and lived some eighty years ago. Every Monday most of the Hindus of this village visit his samadhi to pay their respects and offer prayers and to make vows. It is believed that those who offer prayers devotedly at the samadhi are cured of any disease. Like Sotagir Maharaj, Ratangir Maharaj is also reported to be seen riding on a horse.