Sendurjana is a town in Morsi tahsil about 96.56 km. (60 miles) cast of Acalpur with 2.376 houses and a population of 11,610' as per the 1961 Census. The contiguous village of Malkapur has been included in Senduriana and with it constitutes a single municipal town. Sendurjana was formerly held by an agent of the Nagpur Raja called Gaikwad, in inam He lived there and made the village one of considerable renown. About a kilometre away he built a splendid well which goes by his name and which 20,000 in those days. Ruins of a small mosque and tombs of some early European adventurers are noticed. The temple of Balaji needs repairs. There is also an old temple of Siva. The weekly bazar is held on Fridays at which timber, jaggery, chillis and turmeric are sold on a large scale. Sendurjana has three primary schools, a balak mandir and a high school named as the Janata High School. In addition there is a branch post and telegraph office. Across the rivers Tivna and Devna, which flow to the north of the town, dams have been laid and water utilised for irrigation.



The municipality at Sendurjana was established in 1948 and the area under its jurisdiction is 10.20 km2 (3.949 sq. miles).


In 1962-63, income accrued from various sources excluding income under extraordinary and debt heads amounted to Rs. 1,16,125.78. The sources of income were municipal rates and taxes Rs. 57,836.04; realization under special acts, Rs. 702.25; revenue derived from municipal property and powers apart front taxation, Rs. 10,290.04; grants and contributions, Rs. 46,509.35 and miscellaneous, Rs. 788.10. Expenditure during the same year excluding expenditure due to extraordinary and debt heads amounted to Rs. 1,08,332.81. It comprised administration and collection charges, Rs. 16,327.86; public safety, Rs. 6,171.23; public health and convenience, Rs. 42,130.53; public instruction, Rs. 40,704.27; contributions for general purposes, Rs. 200.00 and miscellaneous, Rs. 2,798.92.

Health and Sanitation.

There are civil and veterinary dispensaries conducted by Government. The town has pucca stone-lined gutters. At present water supply is obtained from the wells.


Primary education is under the management of the municipality and is compulsory. In 1962-63 the number of pupils in both Urdu and Marathi schools was 1,033 and that of teachers 27.


Roads within the municipal limits measure only 13.277 km. (eight miles, two furlongs) of which 3.219 km. (2 miles) are metalled.

Cremation and Burial Places.

Cemeteries and cremation grounds are maintained and used by the communities concerned.

The town has three old temples dedicated to Mahadeva.