Rnamocan is a village in Amravatl tahsil with 33 houses inhabited by 203 persons according to the 1961 Census. It is to the west of Amravati and about 11 km. (seven miles) to the south of Kholapur. In A.D. 1840 it was granted as a jagir along with Dhanora in Daryapur tahsil for the service of Muazzin at Kholapur for personal maintenance in heredity. The Purna flows eastwards through the village along which five ghats have been constructed. The place is considered holy by the Hindus, being one of the sacred places on the Purna and boasts of an annual fair held on the fourth Sunday in the month of Pausa with an attendance of 20 thousand to 25 thousand. On the occasion many booths are erected and all sorts of agricultural implements and household utility articles are sold. The word Rnamocan literally means release from debts and it is believed that all those who attend the fair and take a dip in the river attain this blissful state. There is a temple of Ramesvar and a Siva Linga placed on a pedestal at the foot of a shady pipal tree. It is called Muhaglesvar and is held in high reverence.