Nerpinglai in Morsi tahsil has a population of 7,354 according to the 1961 Census. The second name viz., Pinglai has been given to it in order to distinguish it from Ner Parsopant in Yavatmal district and is perhaps taken from the temple of Pingai Devi situated on a small hill-top on the borders of Ner and Sawarkhed which is the only object of interest in the village.


Temple of Pinglai Devi

Pinglai Devi temple is of great antiquity with a four-pillared  mandap having a spacious terrace above. The gabhara contains an idol of the Devi, supposed to be svayambhu, besmeared with red lead. In the mandap there are a Siva Linga and a Nandi image. The Devi is held in high reverence and two fairs, one on Dasara and the other on Caitri Paurnima are held in Her honour. The village also contains a math of Gangadhar Svami, samddhi of Gulabpuri Maharaj and an old gadhi. To the east of the Pinglai Devi temple there is a fairly large talav. It is the source of the river Pedhi.

Math of Cum Gangadhar svami

The late Gangadhar Svami. a saint of the Lingayats, built this math at a cost of Rs. 20,000. It is named after its builder and contains his facial plaque. He was revered by many. A few of his disciples stay in the math.

Samadhi of Gulabpuri Maharaj.

Gulabpuri Maharaj, who considered himself an incarnation of Sankar. was originally from Uttar Pradesh but took his samddhi at Nerpinglai. He was supposed to possess divine powers of instilling life in dead bodies. He never accepted personal worship in any form but yet was revered by people of various religious faiths. A fair, attended by over 9,000 persons, is held on Phalguna Suddha Dvadasi.


The gadhi is to the north of the village and lies in a ruined  state. There are a hundred inhabited houses inside it. It has three towers of which one at the entrance is bigger and is about 12.192 metres (40 feet) high.