Kurha, with 1,043 houses, is a village in Candur tahsil having a population of 5,809 souls in 1961. It has a police station, a post-office, office of the Revenue Inspector, a combined Marathi and Urdu school, a high school named as Asoka High School and a dispensary maintained by the Zilla Parisad. There are a mosque and a water tank which goes dry in summer and hence is hardly of any use. The place is situated half way between Candur and Tivasa on the road connecting these places which was built in  the famine of 1900. Two more roads connecting the village with Dhamanganv and Kaundinyapur have been recently constructed. The famous dacoits Nantlu Rajput and Pandu Patil of Tembhurni were surrounded here in a temple by the Nizam's troops in 1843, but after a three days' light succeeded in cutting their way out.