Kondesvar: an antique black stone temple of Kondesvar Mahadev, is situated in the village of the same name at the base of a hillock about 5 km. (three miles) distant from Badnera and 3 km. (two miles) from Anjanganv Ban. There is a Kondesvar Temple  samadhi of a certain snint by name Khatesvar Bava.

The construction of the Kondesvar temple is in Hemadpanti style and though much of it is in a dilapidated condition now, it must have been a fine structure at one time. Its former stone dome has been replaced with one of white cunam. In the inner shrine a Siva Linga has been placed, the original having been destroyed when the place was under Moghal occupation. In the mandap there is a finely carved statue of Nandi. Outside the temple are carved in relief elegant figures of elephants with their trunks entangled in one anothers. The figures represent one of the finest specimens of art. Around the temple there is a compound wall about 15 metres (50 feet) in height. There are also two small shrines dedicated to Maruti and 'Sati' and a samudhi of Bholagir Maharaj. Corridors have been built to accommodate the pilgrims. On every Monday of the month of Sravan many persons even from Amravati visit the temple to evoke the blessings of the deity. At the time of Mahasivratra a fair attended by over 10,000 persons, coming from far and near, is held in honour of the god. The temple is maintained from the income of 6.070 hectares (fifteen acres) of land attached to it.

Samadhi of Khatesvar Bava

The samadhi of Khatesvar Bava, who lived some 60 years ago, though not very important deserves a passing reference. The Bava is remembered by the people of this village for his selfless service for them and especially the old and the disabled cattle. He used to keep such cattle and feed them; hence whenever he moved through the village people willingly gave fodder. He came to be so called because such cattle as he fed were known as khati or useless for service. His original samadhi is in the village Jodmoha in Yavatmal district. On top of this samadhi there is a marble image of Khatesvar Bava. There is a well and a cattle shed also.