Dharni is the largest village in Melghat tahsil with 628 houses and a population of 2,783 persons according to 1961 Census. It is the headquarters of Melghat tahsil and forms the terminus of  the high road through the hills from Acalpur to Burhanpur. It  is 96-540 km. (60 miles) distant from Acalpur and 148 km. (92 miles) from Amravati. Dharni was noted for the malaria infested areas, but these have since been cleared of malaria and brought under cultivation. The land is very fertile, chief crops being wheat and gram. For irrigation river Tapi has been tapped here. Melghat tahsil is rich in timber forests and hence the State Government have established a timber depot here. Most of the timber after local consumption is chiefly exported to Bombay. There are the offices of the Tahsildar, State Electricity Board. Tribal Welfare Officer and the Pancayat Samiti. It has a branch of the District Co-operative Bank and two other Cooperative Societies. The village has a primary School, a Multipurpose High School, a Post-office and a Police station. A dispensary is conducted by the Zilla Parisad. Recently a maternity home has been established.