Dabheri is a small village of 598 inhabitants, not far from Rithpur. in Morsi tahsil. The only objects of interest in the village are the lake and the temple of Dhabesvara.



Its chief claim to mention lies in a large natural lake fed by  natural springs. The waters of the lake are utilised for irrigation  and a temple dedicated to Dhabesvara, a deity worshipped by the Mahanubhavas stands on its banks. To prevent the lake from getting silted as also to provide water for irrigation, a bund of the length of 1017 metres (3,366 feet) was built in 1950. It has a catchment area of 303-50 hectares (750 acres). In times of drought the water is also utilised for drinking. It used to be an excellent spot for duck shooting but now game hunting is prohibited by Government. It has been brought under pisciculture by the Fisheries Department of the Government of Maharashtra and a large number of fishes of various types are introduced every year.

Dhabesvar Temple.

Situated beside the lake is an old temple of Dhabesvara, an incarnation of Sankar, held in great reverence by the Mahanubhavas. The idol is of considerable antiquity.  Though the temple edifice is small it is artistically designed. In honour of Dhabesvar Mahadeva fairs, attended by over 2,000 persons, are held on Asadhi and Caitri Paurnimas. The fairs come to an end with the drawing of the chariot on the last day. At Akhatvada, a small village close by, is a similar temple dedicated to Rokdesvar which is also a Mahanubhava shrine,