Candur Bazar is a town of much commercial importance in Acalpur tahsil having, 1,394 houses and a population of 6,947 persons according to 1961 Census. It lies 35 km. (22 miles) north of Amravati, the district headquarters, and 22 km. from the taluka headquarters, connected with both the towns by good roads. There is a small bridge on the river Pival and another, a much bigger one, is being laid across the river Purna, which when completed would establish regular S. T. bus traffic between Candur Bazar and Acalpur. At present only private buses ply on this road. The traffic, however, is suspended during heavy rains. The bazar for which it is famous was established by Namdar Khan, Navab of Acalpur, in whose jagir it was, some 150 years ago. Competition from Morsi and Hivarkhed bazars and the system of purchase on large scale by wholesale firms in bringing direct from the villagers had reduced the importance of the bazar for some time. However, its proximity to Madhya Prades which makes it the assembling place of jaggery, gur, wheat, gum, etc., from fertile highlands of Khamla, Multai and Betul, has restored Candur Bazar to its former importance. Weekly bazar is held on Sundays and gur, wheat, jovar, etc., are traded on wholesale as well as retail basis. The market place is well laid out with electric lamps, water troughs and nim trees for shade. There are several apparently prosperous factories. Among public buildings, two middle schools, one each under Government and municipal management, the former teaching up to VII standard and the latter up to VIII standard, two municipal primary schools, one Urdu primary school for girls, a police station under a sub-inspector, a sub-registrar's office, a veterinary and a civil dispensary, the latter having a small hospital accommodation attached to it, a sub-post and telegraph office, a branch of the District Central Co-operative Bank, Pancayat Samiti office, office of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, and a private high school named Kubra High School, are important. While the civil dispensary is maintained by the municipality, the veterinary dispensary is maintained by the Zilla Parisad. Cose to Candur is the large village of Sirasganv Band with 863 houses and 3,448 inhabitants. It has a combined school and post-office with a boarding house attached. There is also a Urdu primary school for girls and a private high school teaching up to S. S. C. standard.


 Mahadev Temple

The temple of Mahadev is a small structure built in stone and mortar with a T-shaped sabhamandap. Immediately on entrance there are extensions on both the sides and a narrow passage flanked by pillars leads to the gabluira. The vestibule contains a linga. There is a nandi image outside.

Hanuman Temple

The temple of Hanuman consists of only one hall with a small courtyard in the front. In the centre of the hall, which is approximately a square with an area of 2.787 metres square (30 feet square), is an octagonal pedestal on which is placed an image of Hanuman. On the same pedestal to the right is a small marble linga and to the left a nandi. To the right side of the courtyard wall pavilions have been provided for the pilgrims. To the left there are two small niches in which are placed a linga, with a Nandi image and an idol of Dattatraya, respectively, all of white marble. The deity is much revered by the people and every day especially on Saturdays many people visit the temple to offer prayers. Hanuman Jayanti attended by local populace is celebrated annually.

Ram Mandir

A small mandir dedicated to Rama stands in the midst of an  extensive cotton plantation. It consists of only one small  chamber and in it on a pedestal are placed the idols of Rama. Sita  and Laksmana all made or glazing white marble. In front of Rama on a much smaller pedestal are placed his padukas. The temple has been extended by means of shady piazzas on all the four sides.

Jumma Masjid.

Jurnma masjind. is the principal mosque of the town situated in the Pipalpura locality. Prayers are offered on Fridays when Muslims assemble in large numbers. It has an entrance surmounted by three minars leading into the courtyard. The masjid-hall, with four arches in front, is 12x8 metres (40' x 25'). Three minars crown the masjid-top.

Besides the Jumma masjid the town has three other ordinary masjids, viz., Bohora masjid maintained by the Bohora community, Kacchi masjid and the Kasabpura masjid. All these mosques are much smaller and of ordinary construction. The town has also a math belonging to the Mahanubhav sect.

Municipality, Constitution.

The Candur Bazar Municipality was constituted in 1949. Its jurisdiction extends over an area of 10.36 km2. (4 sq. miles). The President with the assistance of the necessary stall carries on the municipal administration.


In 1961-62 the income of the municipality, including that under  extraordinary and debt heads, was Rs. 1,18,185.47. The sources of income were:-Municipal rates and taxes, Rs. 35,519.65; realization under special Acts. Rs. 233-90: revenue derived from municipal property and powers apart from taxation, Rs. 19,593-70: grants and contributions, Rs. 34,665-70; miscellaneous, Rs. 3,742-85 and extraordinary and debt heads. Rs. 42,449-79. The expenditure, including that on extraordinary and debt heads was Rs. 1.14.703-39 during the same year. The heads of expenditure were general administration and collection charges. Rs. 12,397-35: public safety. Rs. 6,781-27: public health and convenience. Rs. 33,208-90: public instruction, Rs. 42,449-79, miscellaneous, Rs. 3,419-22 and extraordinary and debt heads, Rs. 16,446-86.

Health and Sanitation.

There are only kutcha drains to carry the waste water, care being taken to keep them clean. Private as well as public wells form the chief source of water supply. Civil and veterinary dispensaries maintained by the municipality and the Zilla Parisad render all the possible medical aid.


Primary education is compulsory in the town and is entrusted to the municipality for management. In 1961-62, there were 619 pupils in the primary schools. The number of teachers was 19. The total expenditure incurred on this behalf amounted to Rs. 22.413-32 in the same year.


Only six kilometres of roads have so far been constructed. Of  these metalled roads measure only 3 km. Chandur Bazar Municipality 

The Hindus, the Muslims and the scheduled caste communities maintain and use their own cremation or burial grounds.

There is one library managed by the municipality. It spends about Rs. 1,236 towards its maintenance and purchase of newspapers and magazines.