Bhiltek is a village in Candur tahsil with 58 houses and a popula- tion of 305 as per the 1961 Census. It. has a temple of Nagoba also known as Sambusek Maharaj in whose honour an annual fair is held. It is situated beside the river Kholad which has its source somewhere in the village Bhankhed. The temple is a plain cabutara or an elevated platform of cement concrete about 3.716 sq. metres (40' square), in the centre of which is the Ligna, sheltered by a single hooded cobra of brass. Approach can be bad by two flights of stairs built on the western and northern sides respectively. The shrine is deeply revered and a fair, lasting for a month, is held in the month of Pausa (about the end of December or beginning of January). It is attended by about 25,000 people. However, the importance of the fair is on the decline. In olden days it lasted for two and a half months and was attended by not less than 60.000 persons. It is believed by the people that if a person who is bitten by a snake burns some incense at the temple with appropriate prayers and swallows a little of the ashes, he would recover. A committee of six members looks after the maintenance of the shrine. It receives a sum of Rs. 75 from the Pancayat Samiti towards the same.