Bhatkuli is a village in Amravati tahsil about 12.87 km. (eight miles) to the west of the city on the banks of the Pedhi, a tributary of the Purna), with 3,912 inhabitants according to the Census of 1961. It is connected with Amravati and Kholapur by a fair-weather road. There is a very old mosque which is in a good condition to the present day. Adinath Svami Temple.The village is well known for the temple of Adinath Svami and like all other Jain temples is  noted for its exquisite architectural work. A compound wall with an entrance on the north, encloses within it some cloisters and the  temple with a spacious mandap paved with marble slabs. In the. main shrine is the idol of Adinath Svami, carved out of black basaltic rock, in a meditative pose. At the mouth of the gabhra there is an image of a Kselrapai besmeared with sendur or red lead. To the right of this gabhdra, in a chamber, are the idols of seven lirthankaras of the Jain hagiology. In two more similar chambers are many more idols ot different tirthankaras. The gabhara and the chambers are in one line and the whole of it is decorated with arches bearing various designs and patterns. A gold plated spire adorns the sikhar and there is a small but neatly maintained terrace affording a dim and distant view of Badnera and Amravati towns. It is said that Rukmi after his ignominious defeat at the hands of Krsna retired to this village and peacefully establishing his rule over it. built this temple. It was partly demolished during the destructive invasions of the Muslims, but was renovated by one Nemisagar Maharaj and later extended by one Gulab Savji of Nagpur. On Kartika Vadya Pancami a fair lasting for three days is held. On this auspicious occasion the palanquin of Adinath is taken in procession. Within the compcund of the temple is conducted a girls' school.