Belura a small village in Morsi tahsil lying about 4.82 km. (3 miles) off Rddhapur is connected with it by a narrow kutcha road. Its population in 1961 was 3,451. The village is primarily agricultural, its chief crops being jovar, wheat and cotton. There is a middle school, a separate primary school for girls and a private school teaching up to the tenth standard. It has been provided with an dyurvedic dispensary, a Child Welfare Centre and a Balak Mandir. Drinking water is obtained from the river Pedhi, flowing to its west as well as from the wells.

Punjaji Maharaj Samadhi

The village is known for the samadhi of a noted saint by name Punjaji Maharaj. a Mali by caste. It is situated on the bank of the rivulet mentioned above. A small and simple structure has been erected over the samadhi. Inside are kept the padukas or foot-wear of the saint. A priest performs the daily worship. A samsthdn of the above mentioned saint has been created and is housed in an ordinary rectangular hall at one end of which is the idol of Dattatraya. It is supposed to he the same as worshipped by Punjaji Maharaj. A committee known as the Ksatriya Mali Samstha looks after its management. On Margasirsa Paurnima a fair lasting for three days is held in honour of Punjaji Maharaj, at the end of which the palanquin of Dattatraya is taken round the village in procession. The fair is attended by over 4,000 people.