Bairam Ghat situated about 23 km. east of Acalpur has a shrine frequented by both the Hindus and the Muhammedans. Although the place cannot be regarded as a town, it is worthy of mention on account of. the great fairs held there in the months of Kartika and Margasirsa each year, and on account of its sanctity. The first fair is held on Kdrtika Paunima lasting for 10 days and the second on Margasirsa Suddha Pancami also lasting for ten days. During the fairs more than a lakh of people gather and offer prayers before a rock, approached by a long flight of steps, considered by the worshippers to be God Bahirav. It is said that in olden days thousands of animals were sacrificed in front of the rock and though the place used to be several inches deep in blood, there was not a fly to be seen. There is a tank called Kasi talav which holds water up to March end, and every third year in September it is supposed to receive holy waters from Banaras, the place of pilgrimage of the Hindus. The water is exceedingly dirty but a dip in it has potent effects. It is told that there was a certain devotee who made a pilgrimage to Kasi every year. But once on account of his illness he was unable to make his pilgrimage and hence he only prayed from his place; but to his surprise he found a spring springing out from nowhere which is the present Kasi Talav. One does not know how much element of truth there is in this story. The description given some decades back still holds good and the popularity of the fair has, if anything, increased. The fairs now last not for a single night but for ten days each. Cattle from the neighbouring hills are brought for sale, and lacquer work, agricultural implements, cloth and other merchandise are also displayed for sale. More than 500 booths are erected by the neighbouring baniyas and shop-keepers and a brisk trade takes place. The shrine is situated within the lands of the little village of Karanja, over which now a temple, at a cost of Rs. 22,000 has been constructed. Nearby there are two well built tanks of stone and mortar. It is 17.71 km. (11 miles) from Paratvada on the road to Betul and is on the boundary of the district.