Asatpur is a village in Acalpur tahsil with 655 houses and 3,218 inhabitants according to the 1961 Census and lies a few kilometres to the west of Aseganv. Most of the village lands were granted to one Mehtab Khan by Nizam Ali Khan, Nizam-us-sani in 1763, and the Inam Commissioner in 1874 had continued Raipur and Sahpur as jugir to his descendants with 100 bighas of land in Asatpur, as inam. In 1889, owing to family quarrels, the management of the jagir villages was taken out of the jugir-dar's hand and the land became, therefore, separate inam survey numbers. After independence, the jagirdari and inamdari systems were abolished and the lands were declared to be khalsa. There is a vernacular school, a post office and a police station. A weekly bazar is held on Thursdays.