Amla, with a population of 3,016 and 721 houses as per them 1961 Census, is largely an agricultural village in Candur tahsil. There is a temple dedicated to Visvesar (Mahadev) in whose honour a fair is held on the eve of Sivratra in Magh. It is attended by over 3,300 persons. Its management rests with the village  Pancas. On Magh Suddha Paurnima, another fair in honour of Eknath Maharaj, one of the most celebrated saints of Maharastra, is held. It lasts for two days and the attendance ranges from four to five thousand. There is a high school named as Sri Krsna High School, a post office and a co-operative society. The weekly bazar is held on Wednesdays. Drinking water is obtained from wells.