Mozri or as the Berar Gazetteer of 1870 has it Manjira, is a small village in Melghat tahsil reached from Cikhaldara by a precipitous track through the fort. It has two small artificial caves, cut in the natural rock. One of these is completely choked with rubbish so that it is very difficult to discover, but the other which is about 2.438 metres (8 feet) high and 1.486 sq. metres (16 feet square) contains in its inner part a shrine of Mahadeva. This is divided from the outer portion by a small mud wall. Beside is a spring of water, dry during the greater part of the year and a cut basin. The whole is most rudely cut in the rock without any trace of carving, and is probably the work of bygone hermit ascetics, though all traditions of its origin have long since been lost. Of late the village residents have sunk a well which provides them with water all the year round.