On many occasions Government takes over the administration  of (states of minors, lunatics and persons incapable of managing  their own property. Prior to the merger of the district in the erstwhile Bombay Stale, the estates of minors and lunatics were taken over by Government administration under the provisions of the Central Provinces Court of Wards Act. 1899, and the other Central Act, the Guardians and Wards Act (VIII of 1890). The purpose behind this is to secure proper care and management of the estates concerned. In the case of persons incapable of managing their own property assumption of superintendence of the estate is undertaken only when the estate is encumbered with debt or is mismanaged or when there is no one capable of taking proper care of it and the Government is of the opinion that it is expedient in the public interest to preserve the property of the person for the benefit of his family and the property is of such value that economic management agency is practicable.

In Amravati district, the Deputy Collector, Amravati, is responsible for the management of the estates taken over under the Court of Wards Act. and a clerk under him specially appointed for the purpose, either wholetime or part time, is directly responsible for the discharge of his duties.

Prior to 1951. the estates in Achalpur tahsil of Shri Raja Ratansingh Jahagirdar were under the management of the Court of Wards, Achalpur. The estate was relinquished under orders of the State Government of the ex-Central Provinces in April, 1951. Thereafter no estate has been taken over under Government management so far. The floating assets and liabilities as in May. 1951, worked out to Rs. 21.659 and Rs. nil. respectively.

Court of Wards Act.

The Court of wards is empowered, with the previous sanction  of the State Government, to assume the superintendence of the  property of any landholder or of any person who is disqualified to manage his own property being (a) minor, (b) females declared by the District Court to be unfit to manage their own property, (c) persons declared by the District Court to be incapable of managing or unfit to manage their own property, and (d) persons adjudged by a competent Civil Court to be of unsound mind and incapable of managing their estates efficiently.

Guardians and Wards Act.

The Central Act. i.e., the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, applies to the estates of minors with much the same provisions of the Central Provinces Court of Wards Act, 1899.