Due to the advancement of science and the stress on the materialistic attitude of the people and to some extent the vulnerability of persons belonging to the priestly professions,religion, which once upon a time ruled over the mankind, is fast losing its importance. The number of persons belonging to  the priestly professions is considerably reduced. So also the  number or new entrants in the profession is insignificant as it does not provide a reasonable means of livelihood. Gone are  the days when the priests played a consolidated role of a friend,  a philosopher and a guide. The earnings of this class and their general standards have been adversely affected. In rural areas at the time of marriage ceremonies and other festivals, the earnings of the priest hardly amount to between Rs. 25 and Rs. 35. In urban areas they are slightly higher ranging between Rs. 35 and Rs. 60 per month. The younger generation far from being attracted towards the ancestral profession is taking to other suitable vocations.