These establishments are mainly located in Amravati, OF Badnera and Achalpur. A sample survey of two such establish- merits was conducted and the observations are given below.

Of the two. one establishment was of medium size and the other was of a larger size. The equipment generally required by these establishments consists of soda-fountains, soda-bottles, glasses, soda-making machines, gas-cylinders, ice-boxes, etc., while the raw materials are milk, sugar, salt, ice, saw-dust, colours, essences and preservatives. Except essences and preservatives which are usually purchased from Bombay, all other raw materials are locally purchased. In 1962, the medium-sized shop had equipment worth Rs. 4,000 and the big shop had equipment valued at Rs. 40,000. The initial investment in the medium-sized establishment was Rs. 12,000 while that in the larger sized one it was Rs. 80,000. The working capital required for purchasing raw materials, making payments to the salaried staff, rent, electricity charges, water-rates, renewal licence fee. etc., in case of the medium-sized establishment and big establishment varied from Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 11,249 respectively.

The owner of the medium-sized shop had three employees and they were paid Rs. 200 per month as their wages, while the owner of the big establishment had 24 employees throughout the year. When the business was brisk their number increased up to 55. They were paid Rs. 4,583 per month as wages.

The business for these concerns is brisk from February to June. The products consist of aerated waters and drinks of various kinds such as soda, orange, ice-cream, lassi, raspberry, pineapple, lemonade, etc. The charges for the products vary from 10 paise to 50 paise depending upon the variety of drinks. The drinks are sold to hotels, restaurants more or less on a wholesale basis and to the customers visiting the shops. The net earnings of the establishments varied from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,351 per month.