Persons in educational professions can be divided into four categories: (1) those engaged in primary schools, (2) those engaged in secondary schools, (3) those engaged in institutions and partly, (4) those engaged in colleges. The total number of primary teachers in the district is 4,521 which includes 461 women teachers. In the secondary schools, there are 1,501 men and 263 women teachers. The total number of teachers of various grades such as instructors, assistant teachers, supervisors, principals, etc., engaged in the institutions like Industrial Institute, Kalaniketan, Vocational High School, Government Diploma Training Institutes, one for men and the other for women is 112. In the last category, viz., colleges which include arts, science, commerce and government basic training colleges, the total number of teachers of various grades comes to 308.

The income of a secondary school teacher on an average is found to be between Rs. 150 and Rs. 250 and that of a teacher in technical institutions and colleges varied between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500. In respect of educational qualifications as well as earnings, the class of teachers shows a definite improvement. There is also a variety in training secured by the teachers due to the fact that physical education, technical education, etc., have been introduced as compulsory subjects in many educational institutions.

In the district, there are in all 10 registered associations of primary and secondary school teachers. Their membership at present is 7,378.