The old Amravati District Gazetteer gives the following account about health matters. " In 1906 the number of out-door patients treated in the district was 109,776 and in 1907, 95,113; such treatment may, therefore, be looked upon as fairly popular. Indoor patients in these two years have numbered 1,371 and 1,183; and when Government servants, paupers and cases brought in by the police are deducted from these totals, it cannot be said that the hospital wards except perhaps that at Amravati, are used by the public to any great extent. Probably the cause of it is the publicity of the ward system; for when in India a man comes to hospital, he generally brings his wife with him. The extension of family wards, therefore, is the policy now being pursued.''

The Amravati district which formed part of the Maratha plain division of the ex-Hyderabad State suffered from influenza epidemic during 1918-1920. However, the district recovered from the epidemic quickly by 1920.