The medical and public health activities in the district are under the control of the State Government as well as the Zilla Parishad.

The Irwin District Hospital, the Dufferin Hospital, the Government G. G. Rathi T.B. Hospital and the Camp Hospital in Amravati town are under the control of the Civil Surgeon, Amravati in the State sector. Of these the first three are owned, staffed, financed and controlled by the Government of Maharashtra while the fourth which renders services to the police personnel is managed by the Dispensary Fund Committee, Amravati.

The Irwin District Hospital situated in Amravati town near the railway Station was constructed in 1928. The hospital has at present a sanctioned strength of 163 beds. All the facilities for medical and surgical treatment are provided for in this hospital. The Civil Surgeon, Amravati, who is the inspecting officer for Government and Government aided hospitals and dispensaries looks after the administration and management of Irwin District Hospital. He is assisted in this work by the Surgical Registrar. The Civil Surgeon also supervises the sanitary administration of Amravati town as well as the public health matters affecting the district in collaboration with the Public Health Officer of the Zilla Parishad. A blood bank, an eye bank, a district-cum-reference laboratory, a clinic for veneral diseases and a family planning centre are also attached to this hospital.

The Dufferin Hospital is situated near the Irwin Hospital. It is in charge of the Medical Superintendent who is a class I officer of the Maharashtra Medical Service. It has at present a strength of 119 beds. Besides the Medical Superintendent the staff of the hospital consists of two Assistant Surgeons who belong to class II of the Maharashtra Medical Service and three Assistant Medical Officers belonging to the class III of the Maharashtra Medical Service. Maternity and gynaecological cases are treated in this hospital.

The G. G. Rathi T.B. Hospital with a sanctioned strength of 60 beds is also a Government hospital which has a staff of one Assistant Surgeon (MMS II) and three Assistant Medical Officers (MMS III). It is under the charge of an Assistant Surgeon who works under the supervision of the Civil Surgeon, Amravati.

The Camp Hospital, Amravati, situated near the T.B. hospital treats the personnel of the police force. This hospital is in charge of an Assistant Medical Officer.

The Hospital Advisory Committee is responsible for working and management of these hospitals.

Though most of the Government aided hospitals and dispensaries, have been transferred to the Zilla Parishad, the Government still controls the Municipal Hospital, Dhamangaon Railway; the Municipal Hospital, Chandur Railway; the Municipal Hospital, Chandur Bazar; the City Hospital, Achalpur City; the Camp Hospital, Achalpur Camp and the J. H. Modi Hospital, Badnera. The Civil Surgeon, Amravati, is the administrative head of these hospitals.

In matters of public health, the State sector is headed by the Director of Public Health Services, Maharashtra State, Poona. However, most of the public health matters are looked after by the Zilla Parishad. All the hospitals and dispensaries except those managed by the Government are managed by the Zilla Parishad.