LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT IN THE DISTRICT vests in the various  statutory bodies enjoying local autonomy in different degrees.  The progress of these institutions could be marked in three  spheres, Firstly, in regard to their constitution, from fully or  partly nominated bodies, they have now become entirely elective, though there exists a provision in the law for nomination by the State of a member in case of necessity. Secondly, in regard to their franchise which has reached the widest possible limit, viz., universal adult franchise, through an enactment so that every person who (a) is a citizen of India, (b) has attained the age of 21 years and (c) has the requisite residence, business premises or taxation qualification, is now entitled to be enrolled as a voter. Prior to 1958, reservation of seats for women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes was not provided for. After the amended Act was passed (Act No. XVI of 1958). reservation has been provided for women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes under certain conditions. Thirdly, wider and wider powers have been gradually conferred on local bodies and their particular needs for the administration of areas under their charge have been met with.

Another reform pertains to the controlling authority over Local Self-Government institutions. Before the re-organization of the States, State Government used to exercise this control, but consequent upon the revival of the posts of Commissioners, these powers have been delegated to the Divisional Commissioner. Nagpur Division, Nagpur, whose jurisdiction extends over the district of Amravati also. These powers are now exercised by the Commissioner, Nagpur Division, with certain exceptions where these powers continue to be exercised by the State Government. The Maharashtra Zilla Parishads and Panchayat Samitis Act is a landmark in the democratic decentralisation of the Governmental responsibilities. This Act envisages replacement of the former District Boards and Janpad Sabhas, bodies with lesser powers by the Zilla Parishad with much more powers, financial and otherwise.