The Gawilgad hills, a part of the Satpudas, so named from  the fortress situated on one of the southern spurs, begin near the confluence of the rivers Purna and Tapi in the Nimar district of Madhya Pradesh and pass through the Melghat tahsil of Amravati district to Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. In the Melghat the crests of the range attain an average elevation of 1,000 metres, the highest point being Vairat at a height of 1,177.75 metres above sea level, the Chikhaldara and the Gawilgad plateaus being only slightly lower. The foot hills bordering the Tapi have a mean height of 500 metres. The hills are composed of the Deccan trap except that in the south-easterly section along the scarp north and north-east of Achalpur a line of fault has been responsible for exposing the sedimentary beds from beneath the Deccan trap, the northern being the upthrow side of the fault. Sandstone outcrops are found behind Bairam Ghat village. The Kashi Talav has been built out of sandstone.

The only other range is a low line of trap hills, lateritised to some extent, rising in the vicinity of Amravati town and extending eastwards for some distance beyond Chandur Railway with a general average height of 50 to 100 metres above the surrounding country, or about 500 metres above sea level. Spurs from these hills extend northwards for some distance, and. the barrenness of the land around them is in sharp contrast with the general fertility.