The district boundary runs along the Tapi on the north-west  from point 1.6 kilometres north-west of Bhokarbardi village as  far as the village of Kund and to some distance beyond it, and then deviates to the south of the river and after a general easterly course among the Satpuda up to the Khursi river, a tributary of the Tapi, follows a course close to the valley of that river up to point 3 km. east of the village Katkumbh. After a tortuous course along the Satpudas it reaches the southernmost slopes and thereafter has a general north-easterly course following in the beginning the southernmost crests and then close to the base of the hills. The river Wardha forms the entire eastern boundary of the district. The boundary on the south is mostly one of administrative convenience except for the western part where it runs along the course of the Purna river. The boundary on the west also is mostly administrative except for an east-to-west stretch along the foot of the Satpudas.