The birds of the district include most of the gaily plumaged varieties common elsewhere, such as the golden orioles, the blue roller, the king-fisher and the little green fly-catchers. They also include the painted and rock sand grouses, the peacock, the jungle quail, the grey partridge, jungle fowl, green pigeon, crow, the large grey and rain quail and the button quail. Pea fowls and jungle fowls are particularly abundant in the Melghat forests in the valley of the Sipna river.

Of the water birds the ordinary varieties of duck and teal, as well as the varied assortment of cranes and other shore birds are found.

In Melghat many rare birds like the black and orange fly catcher (Ochromela nigrorufa), otherwise found in the Nilgiris and in Ceylon, are seen. Cyornis Tickellia, Tickell's blue redbreast common in Central India are also found here. Myio-phonus Horsfieldii - the Malbar whistling thrush is found near Chikhaldara.