A social education scheme was introduced in 1948-49 by the former Madhya Pradesh not merely to literate the population but to impart education regarding health, agriculture, etc., with a view to achieving all-sided development of the villagers. The Government of Maharashtra have introduced gram shikshan mohim so as to achieve cent per cent literacy in selected villages. The villages which achieve cent per cent literacy are honoured by gram gaurao samarambha. During 1962-63, 137 villages were selected under the gram shikshan mohim where 837 males and 610 females were made literates. The gram gaurao samarambha was performed at Chikhalsawangi, Kothora, Amdabad, Chikhali, Kotha, Isapur, Akhatwada, Motha and Naigaon where an aggregate of 517 malts and 579 femals had attained literacy. During 1959, Rs. 14,377 were spent on social education classes. The corresponding figure for 1960-61 was Rs. 22,245.