There are many societies or social institutions that take part in the cultural activities in the district. I he Music Circle, Amravati, arranges musical concerts by renowned artists at,the time of Gokul Ashtami.

The dramatic activities mainly centre round Naval Natya Vihar along with Ram Ganesh kala Mandir and Kala Sahakar. The Naval Natya Vihar, Amravati was awarded prize for staging ' Vairi ' which was adjudged best during the Maharashtra Rajya Natya Mahotsava in 1958 and for Ghat Vajate Tethe Pah ate ' during 1960.

The Gurukunja Ashram, Mozri, pioneered by the Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj plays a vital role in conducting some hospitals and educational activities in the district. It also manages an Ayurvedic College.

Only one scientific society, known as the Vidnyan Mandir is located in the premises of Shri Shivaji Lok Vidyapith, Amravati. It has been established with a view to explaining and making the villagers familiar with the scientific principles, in regard to their approach to the rural life such as crop protection, low cost housing, village sanitation, etc. Annual science talent search competitions comprising essay competitions, model competition, etc., are held by the society every year.

The Srikrishna Theosophical Lodge, Amravati, is a branch of the Theosophical Society at Adyar in Madras State. It is established with a view to creating a sense of brother-hood and humanity among the citizens, to conducting comparative study of philosophy, religion and science and to investigate into the secret powers of human beings and nature. Regular discourses are held four times a day attended on an average by thirty persons including members and sympathisers. The Lodge maintains a library where about 5,000 books on theosophy, philosophy and religion are available.