The raw materials available in this district are mainly agricultural. Cotton, which is by far the most important industrial raw material in the district, is cultivated over an area of about 338,340 hectares (835,407 acres). The average annual production of cotton is about 142,000 tons. Groundnut, an important raw material for the hydrogenated oil industry, claims an average annual production of 9,000 tons in an area of 45,316 acres.

The other agricultural products which are useful for industries are linseed and castor seed.

The district does not possess geological resources and minerals enough to influence its developmental potential.

In this section an attempt is made to evaluate the extent of exploitation of the economic resources and the available factors of production for improvement of the economic well-being and  standard of living of the people in the district. Trends in economic life over the past sixty years have been closely related  with economic welfare and standard of living in this study.