The community development programme is a multipurpose programme, which seeks to achieve the all-round economic, social and cultural advancement of the community. It aims at reorientation of the rural sector in various aspects of life. It covers almost all important fields of activity, such as, agriculture, industries and crafts, rural arts, animal husbandry, sanitation, health, education, communications and fields allied to agriculture.

The programme which forms an integral part of the Five-Year Plans has taken deep roots in this district. The entire district is under the community development blocks. In addition to the development blocks there is a tribal block in the Melghat taluka. The community development programme has gained added vigour since the establishment of the Zilla Parishad under the scheme of democratic decentralisation. The process of economical take-off has been geared up by the machinery of the Zilla Parishad.

At the beginning of this century, cotton-ginning and pressing  was by far the most important industry. There were 88 factories carrying on this business in 1907. Oil-pressing was the only  other organised industry.