The cultivable land in this district, which belongs to three types, viz., shallow soils, medium deep soils and deep soils, is fertile. The deep and medium deep soils respond very favourably to green manures as well as chemical fertilisers. They are highly suitable for cotton cultivation as well as for the cultivation of jowar, bajra, tur, mug, groundnut, oranges, lime, banana, wheat, gram, chillis, sesamum and linseed. The shallow soils are useful only for kharif crops, such as, cotton, jowar, bajra, mug, groundnut, udid and sesamum. The deep soils, which retain moisture, are suitable for kharif as well as rabi crops.

Of the total geographical area of 1,220,615 hectares (3,313,866 acres), 25.232 hectares (62,301 acres) constitute culturable waste, about 51,963 hectares (128,304 acres), fallow lands, and about 683,435 hectares (1,687,495 acres) net area sown.