The Government has provided considerable travel and tourist facilities in Amravati district. There are 43 rest houses main- tained by the Government of Maharashtra. Primarily these rest houses are meant for Government Officers on duty. But they are also made available to the public. A nominal rent is charged to Government servants on duty. The rental charge is higher for the general public.

There are circuit houses at Amravati, Chikhaldara and Achal-pur. They are provided with furniture, crockery, utensils and electric fans. The Buildings and Communications Department maintains rest houses at the following places: -

(1) Achalpur,
(4) Assegaon,

(7) Benoda,

(10) Chikhaldara,

(13) Dhamangaon,

(16) Khatkali,

(19) Semadoh,

(2) Amravati,

(5) Badnera,

(8) Chandur Bazar,

(11) Daryapur,

(14) Ghatang,

(17) Morshi,

(20) Sawarkheda,

(3) Anjangaon,

(6) Belkund,

(9) Chandur Railway,
(12) Dharni,

(15) Harisal,
(18) Pusala,

(21) Tiwsa.

Bungalows maintained by the Forest Department are situated at:-

(1) Chikhaldara,

(4) Chunkhadi,
(7) Hatru,
(10) Kolkaz,
(13) Patulda,

(16) Raipur,

(2) Buturum,
(5) Dhakana,
(8) Jarida,

(11) Mahendri,
(14) Pohra,
(17) Rangarao,

(3) Chaura Kund,
(6) Dhargarh,
(9) Koktu,
(12) Makhala,
(15) Rahu,
(18) Rangobeli,

These rest houses are usually equipped with furniture, mattresses, utensils and crockery.

Chikhaldara, the only hill station in Vidarbha and the adjoining region of Madhya Pradesh is a nice holiday resort and a place of tourist importance. Hundreds of holiday makers visit the place as an escape to a pleasant and nourishing atmosphere from the heat of the surrounding region. Chikhaldara [More details given in Chapter 19-Places.] is rich in panoramic and scenic beauty and provides beautiful landscape. Realising the importance of this place as an excellent holiday resort, the Department of Tourism of the Government of Maharashtra has maintained a few holiday camps there for the public. The holiday camps provide independent residential accommodation. The occupants are required to pay moderate rental charges.

Besides, a few lodging and boarding houses have also come up during the last few years. The tourists' season at Chikhaldara is spread over the months of October-November and March -May.