Sugarcane (Oos) is a minor garden crop in the district and covers only a small area of 72.495 hectares (179 acres). Except for a few hectares which arc under the Ponda variety of sugarcane, the most popular variety is the Co419.

The sugarcane crop thrives well on the fertile and well-drained type of soil having a depth of 0.60 m. to 0.76 m. (24 to 30 inches). The soil is required to be ploughed deeply and brought into fine tilth by repeated harrowings. Cuttings from ripe sugarcane stumps are planted with proper spacing. Planting is done usually in January or February. Harvesting starts from October and lasts up to March.

Sugarcane is invariably grown as an irrigated crop. Intensive efforts, are of prima facie importance. Heavy doses of green manures as well as chemical fertilisers are essential.

The major pests of this crop are the stem-borer and the top-shoot-borer. These are to be controlled by spraying 0.25 per cent D.D.T. or 5 per cent benzene hexachloride. Pyrilla and grass-hopper are controlled by benzene hexachloride and red-rot and smut by avoiding ratooning and destroying the affected canes.