Kharif and rabi are the main agricultural seasons in Amravati district. The kharif season commences from 7th June, i.e., from the first day of the Mrug Nakshatra and continues up to the end of November. The south-west monsoon starts from June. This is mainly useful for pre-sowing preparatory tillage of the soil. The regular south-west rains set in by the fourth week of June. The sowing operations start with these rains and last for over 10 days. Special importance is attached to sowing of cotton crop during the Mrug Nakshatra. Early sowing of cotton results in good yield. About 38.1 mm. (one and a half inches) to 50.80 mm. (two inches) rainfall in a day is deemed sufficient for sowing operations.

Farmers start sowing operations with the onset of the monsoon. Paddy, which is mainly grown in Melghat, is drilled in the fields by the end of June.

The kharif crops occupied an area of 634,821.216 hectares (1,568,676 acres) in 1961-62.

The rabi season commences from the middle of October. The major rabi crops in this district are wheat, gram and linseed. Sowing of wheat and gram begins from the first week of October. They are sown in non-irrigated fields. The crops in irrigated fields can be sown later. Wheat and gram are ready for harvesting in March. Linseed is harvested in February.

Besides the principal crops enumerated above, a number of fruits, vegetables and condiment crops are produced. Of these, chillis, brinjals. lady's fingers and tomatoes are transplanted in July. Picking of these crops begins in September and continues up to February. Winter vegetables which are sown in irrigated land are cauli-flower, knol-kol, cabbage, tomato, fenugreek, carrot, green peas and green coriander (kothimbir). Sowing operations of these crops commence from October. Picking starts from November and lasts till February. Summer vegetables are also produced in the vicinity of Amravati, Morshi, Warud, Achalpur and Dhamangaon towns. They are brinjal, carrot, pumpkin (bhopala), lady's fingers, kakadi, tondali and ratali. These are produced only in irrigated land.