This is the Facsimile Reproduction of the Amravati District Gazetteer, which was first published in 1911 in the series of Central Provinces District Gazetteers. The Volume was edited by Mr. S. V. Fitzgerald and Mr. A. E. Nelson. This Gazetteer compiled over 71 years ago has now become scarce and entirely out of print. The second revised edition of the Amravati District Gazetteer was published in 1968. However, the Utility of the Gazetteer in the Old Series is still undiminished because it contains authentic and very useful information on several aspects of life which has the impress of profound scholarship and learning. It has not lost its Utility due to the mere passage of time. It was, therefore, felt necessary to preserve this treasure of information for posterity. There is also a popular demand that all the Old Gazetteers should be reprinted even though a much better and informative revised edition is available. With these considerations in view it was thought that the Gazetteer Volumes in Old Series should be reprimed. I am happy to present this Facsimile Reproduction of the same, and am sure that scholars and studious persons will find it very useful.

I am thankful to the Director, Government Printing and Stationery, Shri R. B. Alva and the Manager, Government Photozinco Press, Pune, Shri L. J. Menesse and the other staff in the Press for expeditiously completing the work-of the reprinting.




Date: 15th August 1982.

Executive Editor and Secretary.